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Tina Britt

Tina Britt

Managing Director

Tina has been working with Local Councils for 20 years. She joined Leicestershire County Council in 2002 as a Project Coordinator where she helped run a number of community projects as part of the Information & Electronic Services programme of work. Her responsibilities included managing suppliers, contractors, volunteers and staff.

One of these projects included analysing and interpreting requirements for 280 Parish and Town Council websites for Leicestershire & Rutland. Following go live, she was instrumental in training and supporting the clerks for these websites and capturing future requirements.

Tina's patience and dedication in helping communities and Local Councils exploit on-line technologies has been instrumental in its success.

Before joining Leicestershire County Council, Tina developed her IT skills working for the Women's Royal Voluntary Service. Here she created a bespoke stock control system for a newly formed service delivering frozen meals for the elderly. Tina says "this was a good opportunity to analyse the requirements of the business and to apply my IT skills in practice".

Previous employment includes working in retail. Here she achieved NVQ's in Customer Care, attaining excellent customer facing skills. Tina is passionate about customer care and believes that it underpins all industries and is a critical asset in any business.

Outside of work she takes a keen interest in nutritional health and holistic therapies.

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