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We take pride in our relationships, working closely with our clients is as important to us as our technology, here are some messages from our existing users:

I rapidly became aware that there are very few products on the market that fully satisfy the needs of a busy parish council. Once you start looking at the functionality in detail they lack a lot of the basic things required. 2commune's product 'UK Local Councils' (UKLC) stands out head and shoulders above the rest.

UKLC has very powerful calendar functionality allowing us to store public and private meetings. The public can only see full council and committee meetings whilst councillors can see everything including working party meetings. The document management system (DMS) allows us to store all documents in one place and to tag them making it very easy to manage versions and to search for and locate documents of interest. Each document can be public or private and linked to calendar entries, this makes it possible for councillors to be completely paperless with rapid links to agendas, minutes and papers all from within the council meetings calendar.

I am able to grab our site visitor's attention with the use of ticker messages and slide shows and then guide them to our on-line consultations. UKLC has a very powerful form builder that allows me to quickly and easily set up new questionnaires. The results from these forms are stored in a database to aid further analysis.

The a-z of services automatically routes our customers to the tier of local government that can answer their query meaning that our staff no longer need to answer questions about things we don't do.

After an intensive search looking at many parish and town council websites, we shortlisted a few developers for further investigation. 2commune had the experience, understood our requirements and had the ability to provide a fully functional website at a very competitive price. Importantly, we were able to easily keep the website up to date without requiring any special technical skills. We would have had to pay a lot more to commission a bespoke website with similar functionality. Within a few weeks, we were live with our website. It has been a pleasure to work with 2commune, who really understand the needs of local councils and made the process of getting everything up and running really straightforward.

2commune are specialists in the sector and so understand our market well.

The website system helps all parishes to take a consistent approach to the provision of information for local residents, making it easy for them to find whatever it is that they're looking for when they visit any parish site. The shared look and feel of the sites gives them a brand identity.

All of our websites are linked automatically to the District Council planning database so there's no need for individual parish/town councils to mount details of planning applications as these are fed to your PC/TC website directly from the DC website. In the same way service information is fed from the District and County websites into the local council site. This makes it easier for local people to find where to go for help. The cross-county standardisation also makes it easy for clerks to find out stuff from other parishes. Uploading material is a doddle so I can keep things up to date with minimal effort.