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Paperless Councils

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Bring your Council into the digital age. The benefits of holding paperless meetings are:

  • Save valuable time and resources
  • Improved access to meeting papers, anytime, anywhere
  • Improve security
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Helps with GDPR compliance

The UKLC meeting management module helps you coordinate the publication of agendas, minutes and meeting papers. The information is published on your website in an easily accessible manner.

Members of the public and Councillors can then easily view and download the papers from any device.

Anyone can download publicly available meeting papers. This saves the council time and money when coordinating these meetings as you no longer need to print and distribute lots of paper.

You can manage private or restricted papers securely making them only visible to those members of the meeting that should have access to the information. This also saves the council time and money, but has the added benefit of ensuring that only the people who should see the papers have access to them.

The meetings calendar shows public meetings to everyone. Private meetings are only visible in the calendar for Councillors or other authorised attendees. The meeting papers can be accessed directly from the calendar making it simple to locate the required papers for any particular meeting.

Several of our customers are already enjoying the benefits of paperless meetings.

Duffield Parish Council

Kath Gruber, Clerk to Duffield Parish Council said: "Before we went paperless we had to print out the meeting papers and deliver them to our Councillors, that consumed a lot of our resource which can now be used to work on more strategic matters."

"We free issue our Councillors with tablet devices. There are a few practical points to consider. Do Councillors know how to operate their devices? We have provided training to Councillors so that they can use them effectively. We use the document management system to keep the papers in a shared drive that Councillors access and these are projected onto a screen at the meetings so it's not a problem if someone forgets their device. This also means the public can see the papers being discussed at meetings. As well as making significant financial savings to taxpayers through reducing the quantities of paper used, saving time, we have reduced our carbon footprint and brought the Parish Council into the digital age."

Last updated: Fri, 01 Sep 2023 10:41