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How important is mobile to your website strategy?

How important is mobile to your website strategy?

If you are in any doubt about how important mobile devices are to your website strategy take a look at this.

Whilst all of our current templates are mobile and tablet friendly, we are working on an exciting set of new mobile 'optimised' templates. They are currently in beta and will be launched next year.

These templates will work with our customer's existing sites and will require no changes to the content. Once this new feature is 'switched on' your site will automatically change to provide an optimised view of the content on any device. The mobile view has been designed to work on slower speed 3G devices to improve the viewers experience when WiFi is not available. There will also be a link at the bottom of your site to switch between mobile and desktop view. This gives your customers the ability to choose their preferred way of viewing your site on any particular device.

Have a look at Old Bolsover Town Council's website for a 'sneak preview'. Don't forget to look at it on a mobile and try the link at the bottom of the site to switch between views. Please contact us if you spot any problems or have any thoughts on how the user interface can be improved.

We will be launching the mobile templates at our UKLC user group meeting on February 18th 2015. Watch this space for further details.

Posted: Fri, 12 Dec 2014 04:00 by Admin Team

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