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Management Tools

UKLC has a rich set of management tools that make it easy for you to keep on top of the day to day running of your website. Our easy to use statistical management and reporting tools make it simple for you to monitor important metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure you get a good return on your investment (ROI).

Activity List

The activity list provides a single website wide view of content either hidden or under construction. You can rapidly locate any pages that have had changes made but not been published yet.

There is an option to allow communities to add entries to the 'What's On Calendar' and 'Community Directory'. When they do that they don't go live on the website immediately. The activity list shows these items which make it simple to moderate the items before making them live.

Content can be unapproved for use in the future. All unapproved items can be seen in this view.


We are able to setup Google Analytics if you require it. Google Analytics is incredibly powerful. It has some features that go way beyond what UKLC does. However, most of our customers don't have the time or inclination to dedicate to learning what can become a very complex system.

UKLC has simple, straight forward reporting tools built into the product that are quick and easy to understand. Giving you the essential information you need to manage and improve the quality of your website.

Server Statistics

The server statistics show how many unique visitors you get to your site. You can also view the total number of visits and the number of pages viewed by hour, day, week, month etc. It also shows the average time that visitors spend on your site along with lots of other information. This gives a quick insight into how well your site is being used which is a good indication of how useful people find it.

Portal Statistics

You can select a date range to view which pages and how many times they have been viewed in that period. This is useful information that can inform changes to the layout of your website to make the pages that are most often viewed quicker to find. The report also shows pages that have had changes made during the period which is a useful indication of how active your site editors are.

Document Downloads

Documents are stored in the Document Management System. This report shows how many times that they have been downloaded. For private documents (for which people need to be logged in to view) you can see when and who they were downloaded by.

Link Checker

There's nothing worse than visiting someones website and finding broken links. It makes the organisation look unprofessional and damages their reputation.

UKLC has a built in link checker. This lists any broken links on your website. From the list you are able to rapidly locate the page and location of the link. You can then fix the link and retest it at which point it will disappear from the list. This makes it easy for you to keep your website in good shape ensuring that it contains no broken links.

User Management

UKLC has a powerful user management system. Here you can add or remove users and manage permissions. Permissions can be granted to allow people various levels of granularity of control over the system and to view documents etc.

User Login Report

Gives a view of your users and when they last logged into the website.

Audit Trail

The UKLC custom built CMS has built in functionality that sends alerts to our support team if anyone is attempting to attack your site. Our staff can then investigate and solve issues proactively to protect you and your users. We keep detailed audit trails of all actions made on your website so in the event of anything unusual happening we can trace exactly when and who's account was used.

Last updated: Tue, 23 Apr 2019 11:40