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LeicesterShire Gateway Partnership

The Leicestershire Gateway partnership is a technology partnership and includes Leicester City Council, Leicestershire County Council and the 7 district councils in Leicestershire. Ray Smith (2commune's Strategy & Development Director) chaired and managed the partnership from 2007 to 2012. During this time the partners worked together effectively to jointly specify and fund the development of several 'technology components'. These components have been tried and tested in Leicestershire and form the basis of the technology stack provided by 2commune today. Our focus was on 'joined up' electronic service delivery across the 3 tiers of local government, the A-Z of services 'web service' is very easy to integrate into partner websites.

Picture of Peter Rowbotham

Peter Rowbotham Head of
Customer & Community Services
Harborough District Council

Peter Rowbotham from Harborough District Council said "We have recently rebuilt our website, the A-Z of services makes it very easy for a customer visiting our site to find what they want (even if we don't deliver it)". The A-Z joins up services from County, District and Parish Councils and seamlessly steers the customer along the shortest possible 'customer journey' to ensure they find what they want for where they live without needing to know who provides the service to them. "Having Parish Council services included means that customers coming to the district or county site can easily find local services such as allotments and burial grounds provided by their local council".

Picture of Anne Jones

Anne Jones

Anne Jones from Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council said "The planning aggregator enables us to feed our planning applications directly into the Parish Council websites, this has greatly improved the way we work with parishes" The planning web service joins up the district councils back end planning system and feeds planning applications in real time onto the parish council websites. "The parish council API enables us to post news and events into parish council websites. They (parish councils) can moderate externally posted content so that they have control over what is published on their site".

The Leicestershire & Rutland Association of Local Councils maintains a database of parish council contact details across the county. This information is automatically fed into parish websites that have not yet been 'adopted' by the parish and is available as a web service to partner authorities. Having one authoritative database of parish council contact details across Leicestershire has greatly improved the efficiency of local authorities working with parish councils. Parish Councils can also update the database when they have a change of Clerk.