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Joined Up Council Services

The public don't understand the three tiers of local government and get confused. The fact that you need to report an abandoned car to the district, apply to the county for a tipping permit or contact the parish or town council to find out about allotment availability confuses most people. Because of this confusion you will often be asked about services you don't provide and then need to signpost to the appropriate authority. This is a waste of your time and very frustrating for your parishioners. Keeping track of who provides what will get more confusing as higher tier authorities make cuts and services are devolved to lower tiers.

The UKLC A to Z of services module completely automates all of this meaning that when visitors come to your website trying to get information about making a planning application for example the system will automatically direct them to the page about that service on the service providers website that provides that service to them. You don't need to do anything to make that happen, it's fully automated for the county and district services. All you have to do is enter the services provided by your parish into the system. This is very quick and easy to do.

Whitby Town Council

Pam Dobson, Clerk to Whitby Town Council said "Before we had UKLC, we used to spend loads of time answering emails and telephone calls about services we don't provide. This has practically stopped now and if we do get a question we direct the customer to our website. We still get some customers come into the office asking about services, sometimes even we're not sure who they should contact and can now use the website ourselves to give them the information. The A to Z of services has saved us several hours a week which alone justifies the cost of UKLC".

"The A to Z of services module is built from the ground up to satisfy the needs of a local council. It integrates seamlessly with the County and District councils to automate the A-Z of services. The whole system is designed to automate as much as possible to enable our staff managing the site to be highly productive, yet remains flexible so as not to limit our creativity. Another really important point is that the system automatically ensures that we meet legislative guidelines and accessibility standards".

Last updated: Mon, 08 Apr 2019 20:53