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Technology Partner

2commune is 30% owned by Cuttlefish (our business partner) who provide technical resource on an 'as and when required' basis. This allows us to scale our development capacity to meet fluctuating demands. Not relying on a single developer (as some companies do) also means that we don't loose vital skills if someone leaves. Cuttlefish are at the cutting edge of web development which means new ideas are constantly being fed in, to improve our product which is called UK Local Councils (UKLC).

Cuttlefish have been involved in the development of the UKLC Content Management System (CMS) since 2001.

Working with all three tiers of local government Cuttlefish have developed a detailed technical understanding of systems that many councils use. Their experience with web development and digital technologies allows them to easily connect in new systems to 2commune websites and quickly make changes to UKLC based on our customers' requirements.

Last updated: Thu, 28 Feb 2019 20:48