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Content Management System



Menu builder

Flexible creation of menus and sub-menus (useful on busier sites).

Page builder

The powerful page building functionality with a 'what you see is what you get' (WYSIWYG) view of pages before publishing, offers no limit to the number of pages you can have. You can hide pages (whilst you are working on them), grant page permissions (so that they are only visible to certain audiences), produce 'sticky pages' and undelete pages accidentally deleted. Pages can be worked on and the changes only published when you are ready or on a set (revert) date.

Content tools

We have a range of tools to assist you with adding and managing content to your pages. These tools will help you meet accessibility guidelines and include :headings; text, images, documents, links, forms, tables, polls, multimedia, rules etc.…

Content modules

Our content module editor enables you to select from a library of modules and choose where they are displayed on your site. These include; meetings, links, twitter feed , A-Z, page views, UKLC banner, latest images, most recent news and a home page ticker.


Upload documents anywhere in your content, formats include: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, TXT and PDF documents.

Document archive

Powerful document management feature, store documents to your secure document archive. These documents will be available to insert anywhere on your site. All document content will be searchable.


When images are uploaded the system will resize large images for fast loading on the website. Images loaded in the gallery can be selected for use in other places on the site. An advanced feature allows the creation of image maps.

Slide show

The slide show tool brings movement to the home page of your website and provides quick links to content.


This tool enables the insertion of a pre-defined sized banner into your site template.


Video and audio clips can be inserted using the multimedia tool and YouTube videos can be inserted using the text tool.

Table builder

Our table creation tool makes it easy for you build a table to structure your content in a tabular format. Content can be imported from a spreadsheet to automatically format a table. We have a library of ready built tables that includes: councillor details, parish walks and budgets.

Form builder

Our powerful form builder allows you to create new forms and add: text fields, menu items, radio buttons and checkboxes. This enables you to interact with your visitors and collect responses either in email or database format for further analysis. We have a library of standard forms for you to select from including: subscribing to an online newsletter, hall booking form, fault reporting, contact and enquiries.

Questionnaire builder

Our sophisticated questionnaire builder allows you to construct questionnaires using the form builder functionality and adds routing (e.g. if you say no to a question it doesn't ask the next one).

Contacts tool

Our preformatted contacts database allows you to add, edit and delete contact details. This can be used for building a list of contacts and can be linked into your user profile. For example, when you add a News item a link can be automatically added that goes to your contact information. This tool is also ideal for storing Councillor contact details.

A-Z Services

The A-Z of services automatically integrates service information from higher levels of local government with your local council information. You will need to add your service information into the template of pages created in the Local Council Services section (see below). This powerful feature can also be used by your district and county council to make your services available on their website.

News page

This database driven page enables inputting of news items (text, image, links and attached documents). An RSS (really simple syndication) feed makes it easy for your customers to keep up with your news. News items can also be automatically tweeted and linked to your user profile. The most recent news items can be fed to the bottom of your home page.

Planning applications page

If your district council is providing a feed of planning data it will automatically appear on your website. Each application will be marked on a Google Map along with a listing of all applications. Each application will have a link to the application data on the district council website. The system allows a parishioner to make a comment on the application to your council. Applications on or just 'over the border' of your parish will also be shown, often an application just outside your parish can be more important that one inside it. If the district council isn't providing the data this page will contain a map showing the area which your local council has an interest in commenting upon. If there's no feed and you'd like one please contact us.

Council Information section

This section provides links to several pages: Financial Information; Policies and Procedures; Lists and Registers, Reports, and (for those larger councils who need to report their affairs in more detail) Open Data template. This section makes simple work of complying with the requirements of the Information Commissioner.

Meetings Calendar

Use this database driven page to enter all meeting information and attach relevant agenda and minute documents for site visitors to download.

Minutes archive

This page is automatically generated from data in the Meetings Calendar - it requires no input from the site editor! It provides a year view of meetings with quick links to download agenda and minute documents.

Members Area

This is a secure area, for councillors (registered site group members) only. Ideal for confidential information and all meeting documentation. Using the area for the latter saves the clerk's time and ensures councillors have access to all items required prior to a meeting.

Other sections / pages

Your imagination is your only limit. You could create sections for public footpaths, sporting activities, youth activities etc.

Site Map

This automatically generated and structured feature displays links to all pages on your website. It is ideal for quick access to nested pages.


This is a system page only viewable to site administrators. It provides resources such as the latest version of the User Manual.

Local Council Services section

This is a hidden section which contains an empty template page for over 50 different services your council may provide. All you need to do is add content to the pages and then link them in to the A-Z of services.

Share content

Clickable icons above content allow you to share the item with friends by email, twitter and Facebook.

Social media integration

As well as sharing content out to twitter and Facebook you can input a twitter feed in a content module on your site.

Content alerts

Site visitors can subscribe to email alerts about new or changes to existing topics of interest on your site.

RSS feeds

Visitors can click on the RSS icon to subscribe to feeds of information to view in their browser.

Input RSS data feeds

You can insert data from external suppliers through content modules on your site - such as news, travel and weather information.


Allows you to undelete pages and items that have been accidentally deleted.


Built in mapping tool makes it easy to place a Google map on a page.

Site search function

Your site is equipped with a Google search facility, the worlds most advanced site search function, which will report on all web pages and even content in uploaded documents.


A database driven page can be created to display content in a blog form. Comments on the blog can be moderated.

Annual reports

A database driven page can be created to display annual reports in date order.


The council can create a forum to interact with local residents. Comments to the forum can be moderated.

FAQ / Knowledgebase area

A database driven page can be created to display content in a 'frequently asked question' (FAQ) or knowledgebase form.


A database driven newsletter page can be created to display newsletters in date order.

Village hall booking

You can create a customised booking form and room availability calendar for your village hall.


You can interact with your community through the questionnaire tool.


Use the poll tool for simple interactions with your community around a single question.


Run competitions on your site and compile a list of entrants.

Local directory (find my nearest)

Entries for community groups and local businesses can be entered by the public for moderation. They will be shown on a Google map and can be searched by category and distance.

Online payments

Sell tickets and take payments

Printable page

Print page option.

Parish Boundary Map

Your parish boundary shown on a Google map.

Rich text editor

Powerful text creation tool with word processing functionality.

Spell checker

Built in spell check functionality.


Standard government access keys make it easy for disabled users to access your site. Your site will automatically meet W3C standard AA compliance and if you create accessible content AAA compliance.


Flexible creation of help text.


Compliance with ICO guidelines.


Simple mechanism to insert text in an alternative language.

User management

This is a powerful feature which allows granular control over user and group permissions. Add an unlimited number of registered users (including councillors) and allocate them differing permissions enabling them to view or work on specific pages and content within the site. The site administrator can retain control of moderating and publishing content on the site. You could for example create someone as a community pages editor who manages specific pages on the site but is not granted permission to publish them. Allow users to register to your site to for example gain access to your online newsletter.

Website statistics

Powerful statistics reporting (server side - no cookie implications) available 24/7. There is also an option to have a running number of page views visible in your site template.