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Fine tuned for the needs of
Parish & Town Councils

Your Ultimate Web Package

Enhance your council's reputation,
Improve communications & Save staff time.

Flexible Content Management System

Flexible 'content management system', intuitive and easy to use.

Document Management System

Document management system, public and private documents.

A to Z of Services

Joined up A - Z of services.

Form Builder

Flexible form builder, results stored in a database.

Mobile First

Optimised for use on mobiles and tablets.


Calendars with public and private meetings. Papers available directly from the calendar.

2Commune Management

Powerful management tools.

Social Media Integration

Full social media integration.

2Commune Bespoke

Choose between 'Classic', 'Modern' or fully 'Responsive' designs.

2Commune Support

Friendly, experienced support staff.

What We Do

2commune specialise in providing digital technology exclusively to the local council sector and are well established in this market.

We understand the legislative requirements within which you work, have an in depth understanding of your business and talk your language. We've been working with local councils since 2001 and have built an infrastructure that delivers 'joined up local government'.

Our tried and tested web products known as UKLC (UK Local Councils) are rapidly becoming the 'industry standard' for Parish and Town Council websites.

If you are interested in joining the growing community of UKLC users then Contact Us now to find out how we can work together to Enhance your council's reputation, Improve communications & Save staff time.

What Our Customers Say

"We provide you with the tools and knowledge required to deliver high quality online information and services to the communities that you serve".