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Web technology for local councils

The Old Rectory

Contact: 2commune Limited
The Old Rectory, Main Street
Glenfield, Leicestershire

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UKLC will be at the Northants CALC AGM

UKLC will be at the Northants CALC AGM

Posted: Mon, 15 Oct 2012 14:35 by Tim Heeley

We've been invited to attend the Northamptonshire County Association of Local Councils AGM which is being held in the Saxon Hall at Raunds on Saturday 20th October.

This will be an opportunity to promote and explain the UK Local Councils (UKLC) IT platform which has been developed to equip local councils with the tools and knowledge to deliver high quality, online information and services to the communities that they serve.

The full functionality of UKLC is to be seen at work in Leicestershire. Here's an example, from Hoton in the North of Leicestershire, of the joined-up A-Z Services combining local, district and county council services. The planning applications page at Anstey shows how undecided applications can be seen in adjoining districts around the parish (district boundaries are shown in red on the map).

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When did you last check your site for broken links ?

When did you last check your site for broken links ?

Posted: Wed, 27 Jun 2012 12:47 by Ray Smith

I have been looking at Parish Council websites supplied by some of our competitors. I must say that I have been shocked by the large number of Parish Council websites that have broken web links on them (I counted 185 broken links on one site). This gives your customers a very poor experience of your website and makes your council appear unprofessional.

Websites provided by 2commune have an automated 'link checker' this produces an easy to follow report detailing any links on your website that are broken. Making frequent use of this feature ensures that you are not frustrating your customers by providing them with broken links giving a 'page not found' error.

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2commune website launch

2commune website launch

Posted: Tue, 01 May 2012 12:12 by Tim Heeley

After weeks of careful planning 2commune is turning to the web to launch its new products and services for local councils across the UK. Using its proven, state of the art technologies 2commune is set to join-up the three tiers of local government across the UK.

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2commune moves in to new home

2commune moves in to new home

Posted: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 17:03 by Tim Heeley

2commune Ltd has moved into its new home, The Old Rectory on Main Street in Glenfield right on the north-western outskirts of Leicester near junction 21A on the M1 motorway.

"This Grade II listed building is a lovely place to work, full of character and history. One of its staircases dates back to Jacobean times. It seems ironic that a company which is using state of the art web technologies should be making its home in such an aged building," explains Tim Heeley. "However, its ideally placed in the centre of the country with excellent road, rail and air connections in all directions."

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Technical Director appointed

Posted: Mon, 20 Feb 2012 17:08 by Tim Heeley

Anthony Dickens will be taking on the role of Technical Director at 2commune Ltd.

Acting on behalf of Cuttlefish, Anthony has been involved in the development of the Content Management System (CMS) for nearly 10 years that powers all 2commune websites including Parish Council websites.

Working with all three tiers of local government Anthony has developed a detailed technical understanding of systems that many councils use. His experience with web development company Cuttlefish allows him and his colleagues to easily connect in new systems to 2commune websites and quickly make changes to our 'content management system (CMS) based on our customers requirements.

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2commune and Cuttlefish join forces

2commune and Cuttlefish join forces

Posted: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 16:44 by Tim Heeley

On February 16th, 2012, Cuttlefish Multimedia Ltd transferred exclusive sales rights of its Parish Council web sites and associated e-Government components to 2commune Limited. Under this agreement Cuttlefish have secured an interest in 2commune and will continue to provide technical resource for development and support of the product set.

This agreement combines 2commune's experience of working with and delivering services to Parish Councils together with Cuttlefish's technical expertise to build a company with the capacity to deliver improved products and services across the whole UK. The picture shows the directors celebrating the signing of the agreement.

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